"Everybody look around, 'cause there's a reason to rejoice you see..."

So I am feeling a little less bleakly introspective then I was yesterday- must have been that second helping of Edward Cullen I got last night with Wynne and Michelle!

Now I am feeling more cold then cranky- the heat at the girls house is not working well, so us little chickens are freezing our wings off here! I am forgoing my usual regimented schedule to let the gals sit on the couch under blankets and watch TV! Besides, the house is still being remodeled, so the banging and other noise is turning me into a very lax nanny! I think that maybe tomorrow I will whisk the chickadees away to my house!

I did get a couple pieces of good news today! The first is that my sister Marla and her husband Steve will be able to make settlement on their new house this weekend even though they have not sold/rented out their condo yet! It was really getting down to the wire, but some good advice from their mortgage advisor helped them get everything settled! They were really afraid they might lose the house!

The second piece of good news is that my cousin-in-law Jen, her husband Eric, and their brood of 5 kids (Gabby, Kay, Dani, Thomas, and James) will be moving from the very far away Kentucky to the much closer Rhode Island! Eric, who is an Army Major and recently came home from his second stint in Iraq, was given the chance to earn his Masters degree at a military school. Only a handful of other soldiers in the country were given this chance, so we're all really proud of Eric and excited for him!

So, there should be one more piece of good news on the horizon, since things come in three's! Here's hoping!


Shelly said...

yay for good news! def. bring the girls to your house tomorrow-being cold is NO FUN!

Amethyst said...

Woo hoo, that's a lot of good news. I hope it will cost less to call them as well.