A Quick 7 Things

So, my friend and favorite Wednesday Dance Date Michelle made a list of her Top 7's! In the name of fun and procrastinating doing laundry, I thought I would play along! It's too gross outside to do anything but curl up on the couch anyway!

(drumroll please)

My 7 favorite actors/actresses:
1. Tom Hanks
2. Denzel Washington
3. Julia Roberts
4. Paul Newman
5. Laura Linney
6. Steve Carell
7. Jamie Pressly

My 7 favorite movies:
1. A League of Their Own
2. Remember the Titans
3. Slap Shot
4. The Muppets Take Manhattan
5. The South Park Movie
6. Princess Bride
7. Mystery, Alaska

My 7 favorite tv shows:
1. The Colbert Report
2. The Office
3. My Name is Earl
4. What Not To Wear
5. 30 Rock
6. Today Show
7. Pretty much any piece of crap show VH1 puts on!

My 7 favorite musicians:
1. Elton John
2. Sarah McLachlan
3. Tori Amos
4. Jackson 5
5. Foo Fighters
6. Barenaked Ladies
7. Live

My 7 favorite things to read: (oh, good Lord, this is tough!)
1. Anne of Green Gables series
2. The Stand
3. The Kite Runner
4. Magazines!
5. The Lovely Bones
6. Beat the Turtle Drum
7. Are You There Vodka, It's Me, Chelsea

My 7 favorite stores:
1. Wegmans
2. Target
3. Barnes and Noble
4. Old Navy
5. AC Moore/Michaels
6. The Container Store
7. Crate and Barrel

My 7 favorite flowers:
1. Roses
2. Freesia
3. Daisy
4. Tulips
5. Sunflowers
6. I don't know that they are called, but they grow on bushes in big clumps and have small blooms!
7. Dandilions (shut up, it's a flower I say!!)

My 7 favorite indulgences:
1. Sleeping in
2. Spending money on books
3. reading gossip magazines
4. Cheese-Its
5. watching TV that's bad for my brain (ie, Rock of Love Girls Charm School)
6. texting
7. drinking horribly fattening coffee drinks while chatting with Pete/Marla/a good friend

My 7 Goals for the Future:
1. spend more time with Pete/Marla/my amazing friend and family
2. get my stupid landlord to fix the electrical problem in the living room so I can...
3. buy living room furniture and paint!
4. go back to school
5. go back to music/ seeing friends/ hobbies/ volunteering and having a real life that makes me feel happy, healthy and worthwhile
6. have a baby and be a good mother
7. read more books, learn more things, see more places

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Amethyst said...

I agree with your top 3 favorites actors/actresses. I would add Morgan Freeman, Bradley Cooper and Meryl Streep.