"Your unexpected love provides my solitary's suicide..."

I am so sad that this weekend is over that I can barely type!

It was SUCH a fun weekend and so unusual for me, mainly in that I did not work and got to see friends and family like a normal person! And now, on Monday, I am feeling more chipper them I have felt in a long time. Maybe this means something...

Friday started off the festivities, as I got to have a girls night with my sisters- birth and law- to have dinner and see the movie "Twilight". We decided to really geek it up with matching tee-shirts (Marla did not partake, she was not up for the crowds so she only stayed for dinner and I'm going to take her to see it after she reads the book) along with the other teeny-boppers! Dinner was a blast- I even had a beer! It's always so much fun to hang out with the gals that I love, and it's no secret that I have been extremely blessed in the sisters I have ended up with! It's not like you get to choose what kind of siblings your mom is going to pop out or you marry in to! But we all know that Marla and I share a brain, and sometime I think that Shelly and Ann Marie are my REAL soulmates and Pete was just the hot guy that came with them! ;-) Ann Marie even provided the party favors- Vampire wine for everyone! How funny is that- I can't believe that they even make that, although I don't think it has anything to do with Twilight!

Anyway, the movie was AWESOME! I am one of those picky people who usually hates the movie version of the book- they never stay true enough to make me happy, which is why I have never been super happy with any of the Harry Potter movies. This one, they pretty much hit on the nose, and the liberties they did take did not stray too far from the book. Robert Pattinson, who played Edward Cullen...um, yeah. I'll take two, please. If you have read the book, you can imagine how hard it would be to cast someone as "perfect" as Edward, but they really nailed it here! I love movies that just kind of make you want to live inside the screen and be friends with all of the characters!

That was my Friday, Saturday we had a super busy day! That afternoon was the Annaprashana, or first rice ceremony for my good friend Amanda's daughter Salina! It was such a fun afternoon, not only did I get to see Amanda, her husband Arjun, and her beautiful kids Dylan and Salina, I got to reconnect with some other friends as well! It's so much fun to have an Indian friend- I love going to Arjun's families parties, his family is soooo sweet, and the food is always amazing! :-) It was also nice because I got to spend the day with Pete- we had a lazy morning together, then got to spend some quality time during the drive up and back. We get so little time together, so it was nice to have lots of time to just be us for a bit!

That night, we met up with my sister and her husband Steve to have dinner and then catch Craig Robinson from "The Office" in a show at Helium Comedy Club! We started with dinner at Cork in Westmont, right on Haddon Ave. The meal was FAB, I had this amazing seafood pot pie, it was the perfect thing for a cold night! We all enjoyed some yummy drinks, too! Then we headed off to the club for what was probably the funniest show I have ever seen! Craig Robinson was a musician in his previous life, so we did a very musical show with lots of singing and piano playing- a little different from typical stand-up comedy, but SOOOO funny! Within ten minutes of the show, my jaw, face, and stomach hurt from laughing so hard! It was a BLAST, and of course, since I am such a huge fan of the show "The Office" we HAD to hang out and meet him!

Sunday I had my family over for breafast (minus Pete, he had to work. Foo.). It went much more smoothly then the last time, since I got drunk off my butt on mimosa's in my nervousness about cooking! I went to Wegman's and got some lox, bagels, fixings, and made bacon and hash browns! It was all so yummy and easy, so I was happy and relaxed! My sister and her husband Steve ended up hanging out all day! It was such a nice, relaxing day, we just hung out and chatted and played video games and ate, and Steve put together our bookshelf for us! Pete got home from work, we all had dinner together, and then it was off to an early bedtime for all of us!

This really was the perfect weekend! I need to make time for this type of thing more often!

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