"I've heard it said that people come into our lives for a reason..."

A little randomness:

1. I am prone to random thoughts this week; I think my brain is still set on "Scramble". Yesterday, I took Anna to her ballet class a full 30 minutes early- and swore the whole time were were leaving that we were running late! Those of you who know me- and have seen my planner- know that I usually am highly organized when it comes to schedules. So, that little slip up annoyed me more then it would annoy most people, I am sure. I wanted to go across the street to Barnes and Noble to kill time until her class started, but Anna vetoed that idea. Instead, she was content to color a picture while she waited for class to start. In retrospect, she most likely saved me about 50 dollars. :-P

2. Our apartment is slowly starting to look less like a bomb shelter and more like a normal living space. It took me five hours and two washers and dryers going at once to catch up on all of the laundry- and it's only Pete and I! It looked like Jon and Kate + 8 had come in and worn all of our clothes.

3. Lately, if it doesn't move, I'll eat it. There's no way that this is a good trend.

4. I didn't watch the debate, and now I have no clue who Joe the Plumber is.

5. I am so happy that tomorrow is Friday that I can hardly stand it!

6. So, I have been on this whole "I-like-to-write-poetry" kick lately (the link to all of that fun is over there on the right somewhere). I have no idea where all of this rhyming angst came from...or, sometimes non-rhyming angst. Whatever. But, it's an outlet and you don't HAVE to read it (in fact, I'd recommend you don't if you enjoy keeping your dinner down). Usually, the extent of my creative writing consists of "There once was a man from Nantucket- type poems that I write about Pete, so at least this can be called progress!

7. I miss Shelly and the girls. I wish they were home. But then, I wish all of this had never happened. I wonder when we won't be sad anymore.

8. I can't imagine that I will be able to sit and blog anything but a bunch of jumbled thoughts for a long, long time.


Shelly said...

i don't know who joe the plumber is either. darnit =)

Ree said...

I missed the 'Joe The Plumber', as well.
Where is Shelly? At her parents' I assume. I understand how hard it would be to go back to 'their' home w/o him!! I can't even imagine what she is going through!! They--you're whole family--are in my thoughts and prayers!!
Take care and God Bless!!