"You can't stop the avalanche as it races down the hill..."

Some random things while I wait for Pete to come watch "Heroes" with me (we had to DVR it because we could not watch it together on Monday night!!)

1. As I Twittered, I like to drink soda out of the fancy wine glasses we got for our wedding! I hate wine, I think it tastes like sour butt. The closest thing to wine I like to drink is Boone's Farm Wine, and I had to stop drinking that because...well, really, because nobody over the age of 21 actually drinks that dreck! So, what's a girl to do? I hate wine, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE our pretty etched Mikasa glasses! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Diet Coke. So, there you go!

2. Anna has really been into listening to Broadway music when she's in the car with me! She's learned pretty much all of the words to Legally Blonde, and now she's moved on to Hairspray! Every now and then I hear her singing "Mama, I'm a Big Girl Now" when she's playing with her Barbies and it's the funniest thing ever! It kind of makes me feel like I've made a difference to her world by giving her an appreciation of theatre! Maybe, now that she will be five (!) on her next birthday, I'll take Anna and Ellie to a stage show!

3. In the past month, I have torn through a huge stack of books, and spent WAY too much money at the brand-new Barnes and Noble that opened up in Cherry Hill! So far, the best thing I have read has been "The Last Lecture" by Randy Pausch. It's the story of a professor from Carnegie Mellon University who specialized in virtual reality. He talks about achieving your childhood dreams, something he was able to do. And thank goodness he did, because his life was cut way too short. It made me want to change my way of existing to a way of really, really living. You can watch his last lecture on You Tube, and I think it will be the most positive 76 minutes you'll spend this week.

4. Just so you don't think it's all heaviness and life-changing literature I gravitate to, I'll also have you know that I read Tori Spellings bio, "sTori Telling". And I really enjoyed that one, too! :-)

5. Now it's time for Heroes!!! Yeeeee!!!!

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Ree said...

I want to read "The Last Lecture" by Randy Pausch!! I saw him on Oprah and on some of the news shows! He was truly amazing!! I was so sad when I heard he had finally succumbed to his disease. He seemed so strong and such a fighter. I thought he may have gone a tad longer. By I suppose he was just tired. Plus he did accomplish the things he wanted to do prior to his passing, so I guess he was finally at peace with it and ready to go.
Remarkable man!! Have to go get that book ASAP!!