"The hands behind my back are bound and broken by my own doing..."

It's Friday night and, work-a-holic that I am, I am at wotk with my girls tucked safely into their beds! I would not normal enjoy working late, but I do find something in the peace of the house when my girls are asleep and getting some much needed rest. It's a strange way to get some "me" time, but I'll take it!

Of course, I think the difference is that if I was at home, I'd have the gigantic mess my room is staring me right in the face!!

We had our tasting for the wedding today after a few missed shots at it! First the caterer had to cancel, then I had to, then it wasd abruptly cancelled when Pete's dad hurt his ankle. So, not unlike anything else having to do with our wedding, getting toour tasting took a few tries. But, thankfully, except for everyone being late, it was a fun time and the food was really yummy, thank God!!

Speaking of the wedding, it's, uh, really soon! We have, what? A month and ten days or so? Good God! It feels like not so long ago it was over a year away! I am sure every bride feels that time fly by the same way, I just not sure every bride has markers along the way like we have had. It's been this continuous struggle to stay enthused about the wedding when so many terrible things have happened to the people we love, but with the date so close, I find myself having to just get over it and make sure this event gets off the ground!!

And, of course, another roadblock was just thrown up- Pete's going to have another year of nursing school. It's not as horrible as it seems, although right now I am pretty darn aggravated about it! It's going to make our first year a little more hard work and a little less pure marital bliss, but hopefully, it is something else that we will be able to get through. We will BOTH just have to learn to be grown-ups about everything. Imagine that.

So, it's off to work on my To-Do list for the wedding, which, strangely enough, gets longer the closer we get to the wedding! Holy crap!!

I can not wait until this is all over!!!!!

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Ree said...

But at least you'll have each other to lean on, give a little push or just be plan ole' bums with!!!!