"I am retarded, do do do do do do..."

So, this story pretty much sums up the way the past few weeks have been going:

I have been looking for my birth certificate and social security cards for months. I need to renew my drivers license, which I am ashamed to say is expired. Under normal circumstances this is easily corrected, but in this post 9-11 age, you need like, 900 forms of identification, which include your birth certificate and social security card...

So, I had been thinking yesterday that I need to go get new ones, so I could not only renew my drivers licence but also apply for my passport so I can go on my honeymoon!

Tonight, I was going through my wallet- putting my change in my change jar, cleaning out reciepts, and in a pocket...my birth certificate and social security card. In the wallet I carry every damn day!!!!! And I have been looking for them for months

It's official. I have lost my damn mind. But, thankfully, I can go get everything taken care of tomorrow!!


Ree said...

DORK!!! You probably put them there thinking they would be easy access for said errands!!...and then forgot!! I do it ALL the time!!

Shelly said...

the fact that you put your name on the "retarded" sign killed. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
glad you found everything =)