"It's the heart that really matters in the end..."

It's official! There's a brand-new Mr. and Mrs. DeFusco!! Oh my God! Hangover aside, my sisters wedding was the best night of my life! The rehersal dinner alone was a pretty good indicator of how great the night was going to be! We all gathered at Philomena's for dinner, only to find that the band was featuring the Worst Band EVER! Seriously, I thought it was karaoke when I walked in, but they were serious! So, what do you do when it's your rehersal dinner and the band is terrible? Start a dance party! We were joined by this lovely lady, who busted a few moves with us while the band warbled "Man, I Feel Like a Woman". It was hysterical! Impromptu dance party aside, the mood of the night was pretty mellow- everyone was excited for the next day but not feeling too many nerves yet! Marla and I got a hotel room together so we could have one last night as the Wexler sisters (although Marla's friend Ann has christened her Mrs. Defuxler, which I think I like better!). Then it was off to our favorite spot, Hello, Gorgeous, for some bridal party hair and make up!

The amazing genius Gina took the bag of hair I bought at the beauty supply place and turned it into that beautiful copy of Michelle Williams Oscar hair-do, and my other beauty life-partner, Tina Louise, gave me that amazing face full of makeup! But the real beauty was saved for my sister! She was able to recreate the retro/Christina Aguliera look she was going for and looked stunning. Seriously, I don't think I've ever seen her look that amazing, and that's not just because we are usually in jeans! So, once we were all beautified, we were off to the Wyndam Hotel, where we all got ready and took some pictures before heading off The Merion! We got to the Merion and that's when everything just went up about 15 notches!! We had to get dressed! Get Marla dressed! Get our flowers together!! It was so much fun and soooooo exciting! I think getting Marla into her wedding dress was one of the best moments of my life, even if she was screaming about her "tatters" (boobs). That should make for some interesting video. I kept getting teary, and might have full-on cried if I hadn't kept thinking about how long it took Tina Louise to get my make-up perfect! And besides, there's no crying in Maid-of-Honor-Ville! You have a necklace to fasten! A garter to put on because the bride can't bend over in her dress! It was crazy!! But soon enough it was time to get into the limo (Scuba Steve wasn't our driver this time-he was most likely busy drafting his sexual harassment suit from Marla's bachelorette party- but it was still a nice ride!). And we were off! In about 45 minutes, Marla would be walking down the isle! Cut to 44 minutes later, and Billy Joel's "She's Got a Way" was playing, and suddenly, the doors opened and Marla was being escorted by my parents down the isle!!!! This from the kid who we weren't sure was going to make it to be escorted to her 5th birthday party! And she looked amazing- every inch the retro glamour girl she was hoping to be! Next thing we know, the ketubah is signed, the vows are spoken, the glass is broken (MAZEL TOV!!!) and the kiss is kissed!!! And off we go, following the new Mr. and Mrs. DeFusco (Defuxler) back up the isle! Just like that, it's over! The reception was a BLAST!!! Everyone was dancing and drinking and having an amazing time!! I got a great shot of the Father-Daughter dance! After that , it was a blur of dancing, eating and running around!!

Thanks, by the way, to Shawn, the bartender who took SUCH good care of me all night! The whole night was just a blast, and I could not have wished for a better night for Marla and Steve! The best part is, the amazing people from Kenneth Stillman Video took all of the shots from the ceremony and from getting ready and put together this awesome movie that was shown at the reception!!! Marla and Steve were the first wedding to have "Same Day Editing" done and it was so cool!! And now, you can see for yourselves just how specacular the eveing was!

Click here!!!(You will need QuickTime to see this video! And it's all worth it!! Enjoy!!)


Shelly said...

oh my word! i love that video--it's amazing and you all look stunning!

Ree said...

That was awesome!! Everything (& everybody) was BEAUTIFUL!!
Are you using the same people? I hope so!! It's like the next best thing to being there!! I can't wait to see!!!