Every day is a winding road...I get a little bit closer...

Well, first, I would like to congratulate Michelle on the purchase of her new Cricut, which, as only the truly sick crafters know, is am amazing piece of genius that will, truly, change her life! Yay Cricut!

So, thankfully, today is Wednesday, Hump Day as it's known, and I can get over to the other side of the mountain that is this week. I'm feeling a little more like a normal person today, even though so far, there's been two episodes of crappiness this week and we all know bad things come in threes. So I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop! Still, I feel better today.

Someone told me that I take things too much to heart. I know that that's true, I"ve always been the overly-sensitive one- for God's sake, my parents had to ban me from watching the news when I was yonger because I would get so upset! And there's a part of me that kind of luxuriates in melodrama- a good cry is the best luxury ever sometimes, and if you can cry over movies, books, new stories, and the occasional commercial, well, good for you!

But, the only problem with that is that when the sadness leaks into the real world, and terrible things happen to you or, worse, the people you love, well, you tend to feel it even more. And a lot of bad news in a short amount of time can be devestating to the overly-sensitive.

That said, there is an advantage to be overly-sensitive, and it is something I am a little bit pleased that I have within me (I know, I said something good about myself. Try not to faint.). Here's why. Most people watch the news or hear a sad story and think "Wow. That news/story/book/commerical was sad." and move on about their day. I think that maybe, being overly-sensitive makes me see the sad story or news and want to do something to make it not sad. I don't have alot to offer the world, I'm smart enough to be aware of that. But, sometimes, I have been able to help in some way, and even if I can't make something not sad, I can help ease the sadness. And the part of my heart that gets the wear and tear is balanced out by the other part that feels...well...good when I can do something.

And, there you have it! A defense of the overly-sensitive! Just don't tell me if you don't agree with it, you might make me cry... ;-)

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