"So I learn to listen through silence..."

Over in the various Wexler/DeFusco/Latini households, everyone is in a full wedding frenzy! Marla and Steve are coming up in almost a month to the day! Thankfully, her dress survived a fire at the seamstresses house (as did all of the human occupants as well, thank God!)! Only our luck! Fire aside, all of the plans seem to be going well and now that everything is in the final stages, it's crazy! I remember when Marla and Steve's wedding was over a year away! All of a sudden, it's a month away and I still need shoes!!! Yikes!

And of course, Marla's wedding being only a month away makes mine only 5 months away, and now I am regretting all of those times that I made fun of Mar for always having something weddingy to do. At the time, I couldn't help but think- What on EARTH is so pressing 6 months before the wedding? Um, yeah. Turns out, while not pressing per sea, there's stuff to do! So, now I'm feeling overwhelmed, like the Short Bus Bride to my sister's Bridal Valtedictorian!

But, despite that feeling, things are coming along. The big stuff in done, and the small stuff will fall into place...hopefully! Personally, I'd still elope if I could! :-)

Aside from wedding stuff, it's all the usual status quo. My Dad's radiation seeds to treat his cancer hopefully have done their job- we'll know for sure in April when he goes back for another checkup. I asked him if he felt anything different, but thankfully, the main thing he's feeling is pretty good, which works for me!

Pete just started his last semester of nursing school! It's crazy to think that's he's almost done! It's going to be alot of changes all at once for him- graduating school and starting his career, moving out for the first time, and getting married, all within two months of each other! Pete's something of a creature of habit, so I hope all of this change doesn't freak him out, but my instincts tell me he's going to get through it all just fine! ;-)

So, that's about all I've got!

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