Everything that we survived, it's gonna be alright, just lucky we're alive...

So, welcome to the new home of my journal!

I was inspired by my friend Michelle, whose own journal provides me with endless amusement and also looks really pretty! As I am one of those people who feels like the world is askew if my MySpace page doesn't look cute, I felt the need to expand this psychosis to my journal!

And doesn't it look pretty folks?

That said...HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! I can't believe it's 2008! I remember being all excited when it wasn't the 80's anymore! Either way, I was really glad to kiss 2007 goodbye! There were a bunch of amazing moments (Pete proposing! Yaya being discharged!) but there were also a crapload of...uh...crappy ones (my Uncle Gary passing away, my dad being diagnosed with cancer, Greg's illness, Tiff's accident, and on...). I think I learned alot from ALL of those moments, from learning my strengths and being forced to face my weaknesses. But I am also ready to leave those learning experiences behind!!!

And really, what a year to come! Marla's wedding in LESS THEN TWO MONTHS, Robbie's baptism, babies to come from Jen, Amanda, and Jenny, Pete's 30th birthday and then his graduation from nursing school (God willing!). Our finding a place to live and right after that, my own wedding!

And what better way to bring in the New Year but with a little bundle of joy?!?!? My amazing friend Monica and her husband Jim, as well as their son Jake, gave birth to the beautiful Gabriella Grace!

I wish ALL of you, anoyone who happens to stumble across this dumb journal, grace this coming year, Gabriella Grace or otherise! :-)

Happy New Year, everyone!

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Shelly said...

Happy New Year to you and your blog IS pretty! Yay! And I'm done. =)